Uncoated roofs can reach up to 240°f and this excessive temperature will transfer unnecessary heat to attics and building interiors which in turn causes your air conditioning system to work overtime resulting in high cooling costs.

In addition, premature deterioration of the roof and sub-structure will occur in time. With the ever-changing global climate conditions, struggling economy and pressure to be more green, it makes sense to consider a cool roof coating on your home or commercial building.

By dramatically reducing the surface temperature of the roof, you can prolong the life of the structure material while creating a more pleasant environment for your home or employees, which in turn, can increase productivity and reduce cooling costs. Essentially, a cool roof coating works like a permanent shade and weather protector for your home or building.

Why a Cool Roof?

Cool roof coatings are a fast growing trend and, with ever increasing utility costs, a pronounced shift towards more greener alternatives has lead to numerous customers to using cool roof coatings in order to lower their utility bills. Treating your structure with a cool roof coating will lead to less energy use for cooling while increasing the life of the HVAC equipment and maintenance costs.

Our Cool Roof Coatings have three basic layers; an asphalt foundation, a white polyester membrane and a final layer of white reflective coating. Other colors other than white are available as well and together these layers create a new weather resistant cool roof. With a Cool Roof Coating you can go green, keep your building cooler, and save up to 30% on your monthly energy costs.

Other Benefits of applying a White Roofing Coating or Cool Roof Systems

  • Save up to 30% on your electric bill by reducing summer air conditioning use.
  • If you have time-of-use metering then you can save by having less peak electricity demand.
  • A Cool Roofing Installation can be applied to existing and/or new roofs.
  • Can increase the life of your roof up to 20 years.
  • By extending the roof life you save on roof maintenance costs and other replacement expenses.
  • You have better indoor comfort during the summer months through the reduction of infrared conversion from visible light.
  • Reduced heat island effect, especially in the cities and suburbs.
  • Less smog formation and air pollution.
  • Less roofing material waste that gets added to landfills.
  • You may be eligible for Tax Credits that allow you to have a very favorable return on investment for your commercial cool roof.
  • Helps builders and building managers meet California’s Title 24 Energy Efficiency Building Standards

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